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Question by You are forgvin (fake rep): Is there house insurance for akita owners? House insurance companies wont sell it to me because i have an akit?
akita. My parents want to give it away, but i like to keep it.
The insurance guy said, No one would sell you house insurance with this dog, when my mom ask to switch insurances.
Anyway i can make a deal with them that if the dog does something, i will pay for it, not the insurance company.
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Answer by Heather’s mom
Shop around different insurance companies. You don’t want to be left without insurance just in case. I’m not talking about your dog destroying a couch or something you can pay for – I’m talking about what if the dog bites someone and you get sued for a lot of money. When we got our dog, our breed had been taken off the “hot dog” list – so keep calling around until you find a company that will insure you.
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