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Question by munson: Do most standard home owners insurances cover sewer line breaks (not sewage backups)?
I see a plethora of information out there, even in my own policy, that makes it clear that sewage backups are usually not covered. However, I do not have a backup. I have a sewer line under my basement slab that is broken – most likely due to age and shifting. The plumbers are still tearing up my house to fix it, so I am not ready to file the claim yet.
My plumber told me that since it is not a sewage backup and the pipe is actually broken, they will cover the costs to dig down and get to it and to cover it back up, but not the parts for the pipe. He said this is usually the case in his experience and he’s been in the business for 45 years. I want to believe him, but I’m afraid I could be stuck with a $ 8k bill.
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Answer by Mary B
Sewage backups and sewer backups are the SAME THING, and they are on the SAME LINE.
It is NOT included standard.
You are going to have to pay for that repair out of pocket. If you think an insurance adjuster cannot spot recent work to a house, think again…they are TRAINED to spot things like new pipes, new concrete, etc.
If that is what you are trying to do, get the insurance and then file the claim, that is insurance fraud.
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