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Question by warpedhybrid: Do most home owners insurances cover cracks in foundations?
part of my floor and walls in my basement leak some when the rain fall is torrential starting last december w/ the crazy rain…it only happens at heavy raining and recently the floor was wet again earlier in the month…just wondering if there’s a clause that applies in these situations for the company not to cover it in general…note, there IS flood insurance. thanks in advance.
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Answer by mbrcatz17
Depends on what caused the cracks. A house fire? Usually covered. Settling, earth shifting, water damage? Not covered.
IN other words, what’s happening here is normal to a house. It’s not a sudden, accidental thing. I don’t think you’re going to have coverage for this.
I’d strongly suggest you fix the water problem yourself, by:
1. Cleaning out gutters, adding/replacing downspouts that properly direct water away from the house
2. building up the dirt around your foundation, sealing any cracks on the outside, so that the water is directed away from the house
3. re-sealing any driveways that are up against the house
4. installing french drains to redirect water away from the house
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