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Hope the Homeowner’s Insurance is Paid
homeowner's insurance
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Guil-Rand Fire Department Prepares for Job Cuts
The Guil-Rand Fire Department is preparing to lay off some of their firefighters due to budget cuts, and that could mean an increase in homeowner’s insurance.
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Lincoln County fire rating improves
Lincoln County Fire Chief Danny Glass said the fire service began a concerted effort in 2006 to improve its capabilities and document firefighter training and equipment maintenance.
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Newschannel 6 Exclusive: Flood Fight
It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Rising flood waters threatening to destroy everything you own. Texoma is no stranger to the dangers of flooding. Many in high-risk areas are required to carry some kind of coverage. But, knowing if you’re in one of those areas isn’t quite so cut and dry.
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Harry Gross: Insurance rates often vary
Dear Harry: My 21-year-old daughter has been on my car-insurance policy since she got a car when she turned 18. I just changed auto insurers to get a better rate, and the agent told me that it would save me about $ 300 a year if she had her own policy. I d
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