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Question by jasMINe: home insurance?
i live in southern california and my home value is 600,000. I pay 2,200 for insurance every 6 months. i think this is a little too high but would like to know if this is average. When i bought the house i was too excited that i didnt even talked to my insurance agent, who is located in Fresno, Ca. I do live near a school could that also be the reason why my home insurance is so high? Could the location make any different? Can i also change insurance or will there be a penalty? I have no clue? My insurance is through Farmer.
thanks in advance!!!!!
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Answer by Richard_CA
You may have the HO-5 policy which is a good policy if you live in an area where the temperature drops way below freezing. It covers things like frozen pipes and damage from weight of snow or ice. The basic policy, HO-1, is for people who live in warmer climates. It’s the best value in a policy if minimum premiums are your goal. So get out your homeowner’s policy so that you can check coverages and make any possible changes.
Also, see what your deductible is. You can save money by raising your deductible to $ 500 or $ 1000. But be sure you check with your morgage company for the minimum required coverages.
Check to see if you have replacement value coverage, not market value coverage. Replacement value coverage will pay whatever it cost to replace your home. Make sure your fire insurance is also replacement value coverage. You can also ask for an appreciation clause in your policy that will automatically raise your coverage limits each year for inflation.
And, check your policy for gimmick insurance that may be attached to your policy. Examples are:
Credit Life Insurance
Credit Disability Insurance
Morgage Life Insurance
Automobile Service Contracts
Extended Waranties on Appliances and Electronics
And finally, check all options to your homeowners’s policy. None of these are a good value.
1)Removal of debris
2)Damaged-property removal
3)Fire department surcharges
4)Temporary repairs to prevent further damage to property
5)Trees, shrubs, and plants – since windstorms are excluded, this insurance is of little value
6)Stolen credit cards
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