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Question by George Y: Is house insurance required when renting out a house?
My friends and I just rented a house in riverside, ca. Recently there was a break in and the window was broken, but the was was completely empty so nothing was lost. The landlord says we(the renters) must pay for window since the house is already in our possession, but it was before we actually moved our stuff in, so none of us really want to pay for it. I was wondering if it is California law to have house insurance on rented houses because insurance (might) cover for this? Any suggestions on what should be done?
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Answer by Kamal
Once you rent a property, the contract stipulates a beginning date for the rental agreement. That is the date you are responsible for the house. It is not the landlord’s responsibility or fault if it takes you 2 weeks, or 2 months to move in. It is what the contract says. You are free to rent the house, and leave it empty the whole year, as long as you pay rent, the landlord does not care. I always suggest getting a renters insurance. That would have covered the window, and also anything else that might have gotten stolen.
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