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Question by Someone: Property insurance ?
If someone owns your property but you own the house on it, can they get insurance on the property without having to own the house?
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Answer by financing_loans
Your question doesnt make sense.
If somebody owns the property, but you own the house. This would have to apply your property is a mobile home, on somebody elses property. If this is the case, you own personal property on the land, you own real property on top of the land.
To make it simple, you have a car and you drive and park it on my property. I let your car sit there for as long as I want for a fee. Same as going to a local parking lot. The property is mine, the 6 dollars that you just spent there is what I charge. What I decide to do with insurance on the property is none of your business. You just park there. If that is the case, thats the case.
Now if you home is real property. Meaning you have the note to the property (meaning you own the home and land). Only lien holders can put insurance on the property, this is to protect them from loss. You pay for it and its part of your agreement.
If you have a mobile home (car in my example) and you are on somebody elses property. If that car leaves or something happens with that car while its there. They have every right to ensure your car against loss.
I would have given a better answer but you didnt really explain what you meant.
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